• Thinking about teaching 3

    Having outlined my basic structure for my U.S. survey courses, let’s get down to it. What do I like and not like about how my courses work? (This is long, maybe take a break for a cup of tea in the middle.) The lessons: I love that the “flipped” structure allows us the time to […]

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  • Think-aloud guidelines

    In case they’re of any interest to those who read my earlier post on think-alouds, these are the two sets of guidelines I give students. 130 how to think aloud Spring 2016 130 Reading like a historian Spring 2016

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  • Thinking about teaching 1

    As I mentioned earlier, I want to use this space to think about teaching, from course structure to reading selection to classroom management and approaches. This first post, and several subsequent posts, will be to establish the current structures of my courses, what I like, and what I don’t like. My classes are (if my […]

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