The Anti-Taking-Babies-Into-Public-Assemblies Society

From The Catholic Telegraph, August 17, 1844 (originally from The New Mirror)

The Anti-Taking-Babies-Into-Public-Assemblies Society

A meeting of this highly respectable association was held last evening at their rooms. Mr. Job Smith, a worthy and athletic bachelor, was called to the chair, and the usual quantity of vices and secretaries appointed. The committee, appointed at a previous meeting, reported the following, as the principles of the society:

First. — We consider the practice of taking infants into public assemblies, concerts, etc. as an evil that cries aloud for remedy.

Secondly. — While we would not breathe the faintest reproach towards that highly respectable class of the community, who officiate as nurses, we strongly protest against their taking their babies into public meetings, etc. knowing, as we do that it can only be done by a resort to arms.

Thirdly. — While we acknowledge, that a large majority of our fellow-creatures are, or have once been babies, we consider it to be a fact, that it is a very small minority who support these crying evils.

Fourthly. — We cannot shut our ears to the numerous evidences of this evil; indeed, we have known instances of late, where it was found impossible, with the largest church organ, to drown (not the child itself) the shrill, organic notes of the child. We protest against those notes.

Fifthly. — We pledge ourselves to use our utmost exertions to carry out  the above principles.

After the reading of the principles of the society, Mr. Dunn Brown rose from an inverted cradle, on which he was sitting, and moved their adoption, which motion was unanimously carried, amid the shouts of the assembled bachelors.

A committee of fourteen was then appointed, whose duty it is to carry out the objects of the society. It is to be hoped, that not a single man will be found in the city, who will not join this interesting association.

J. SMITH, chairman, A.T.B.I.P.A.S.


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