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Archive/Source Key

HP: Isaac Hecker Papers, Paulist Archives

LCS: Letters from Charles Sedgwick to His Family and Friends

LDFP: Dana Family Papers, Longfellow House-Washington’s Headquarters National Historic Site

LLCMS: The Life & Letters of Catharine M. Sedgwick

LM: Louisa Davis Minot Letters, Massachusetts Historical Society

MDFP: Dana Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

MRP: Minot-Rackemann Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

PLWM: Private Letters of William Minot

SFP: Sedgwick Family Papers, Massachusetts Historical Society

Author/Recipient Key

Addie – Ada Langtree

AW – Alexander Watts I

Bessie – Elizabeth Dwight Sedgwick Rackemann

Charlotte – Ruth Charlotte Dana

Cheery – Mary O’Sullivan Langtree de Madan

CMS – Catharine Maria Sedgwick

CS – Charles Sedgwick

Fanny – Frances Sedgwick Watts

Frank – Francis Minot

GdC – Gaetano de Castillia

HDSII – Henry Dwight Sedgwick II

JMSII – Jane Minot Sedgwick II

JMSI – Jane Minot Sedgwick I

Julia – Julia Minot

Kate – Katharine Maria Sedgwick Minot

LDM – Louisa Davis Minot

Lizzie – Elizabeth Ellery Sedgwick Child

MCD – Mary Cleveland Dallas

RS – Robert Sedgwick

WMI – William Minot I

WMII – William Minot II