• Confessions of a horse shed historian

    David Hall famously wrote of the “horse shed  Christians,” those people in early New England who, during service, were just as likely to be out back by the horse shed talking about the price of wheat with their friends as they were to be in the church listening attentively.  I’m stretching the metaphor a lot […]

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  • AHA 2017; or, Twitter networking with wet feet

    I had a grand old time in Denver for the 2017 American Historical Association meeting. I was there, ostensibly, to present on a panel under the auspices of the American Catholic Historical Association. In retrospect, this trip felt like a big shift in how I “do” conferences. I’m sure much of that was to do […]

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  • How Much Should We Assign? Estimating Out of Class Workload — Rice University Center for Teaching Excellence

    “How much should I assign?” is one of the most basic questions teachers ask when designing and revising their courses. Yet it is also one of the most difficult to answer. To help instructors better calibrate their expectations, we’ve created a course workload estimator that incorporates the most important insights from the literature on how […]

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  • America’s Public Bible

    Lincoln Mullen has come out with another great digital project of interest not only to historians of American religion but to all historians of U.S. history more generally (Yep, if you think religion isn’t relevant to your work on the 18whatevers, you’re wrong). Go play with America’s Public Bible right now! Mullen’s site allows you to […]

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  • Writing, relevance, Father’s Day books, and the humanities

    I read several pieces online yesterday, and saw a few Twitter conversations, and they all went into the same pot in my mind and stewed together. Like all stews, they’re better the next day, so I thought I’d put a few words down. The things that I read and thought about were Jonathan Wilson’s piece What […]

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  • “I am very desirous that she should make the experiment”

    Part necessary web-presence, part commonplace book, this website will be updated in fits and starts. It will feature musings on history and pedagogy, as well as archival miscellany that I find along the way. It is an experiment, and I hope it will be a successful one. The title quote, as well as the tagline of the […]

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