• The planks in our own eyes

    This is a post that’s been percolating in my brain, and in my academic writing, for a long time. The latest uproar – and the terms of the uproar – over leaked Clinton campaign emails with comments about Catholics has made it clear it’s as good a time as any to put these thoughts out […]

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  • Whose stories we tell, or, how Hamilton made me think about my scholarship

    Why was I resistant to Hamilton at the start? Because when I was starting my dissertation, just sketching out what it might be, one of my peers said “Oh…so it’s just a biography?” I know, that sounds a little petulant. Maybe it is a little petulant. But I think it’s also important for how we conceptualize and […]

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  • My friend Jane

    Though my dissertation is embargoed* while I work on the manuscript, I can’t stop talking about and thinking about and writing about Jane, my best dead friend. Here’s the abstract so you know where we are. Jane Minot Sedgwick II and the World of American Catholic Converts, 1820-1890 When Jane Minot Sedgwick II (1821-1889), the […]

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